Staying fit and healthy is a challenge for most of us especially when you are constantly on the road. Your usual schedule will be disrupted and most of the time you end up overlooking your exercise routine. There are also some who would make up excuses just to avoid doing workouts. When these things happen, we should always remember that staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice and you are in total control of it.

If you want to stay healthy then you have to do your part and start finding ways on how you can be in good physical shape even when you are on the road. Here are some helpful tips that can help you to keep fit even when you are travelling.

Carefully Plan, Pick and Pack Healthy Snacks

Don’t be too excited about your trip just yet. Other than packing your clothes and shoes, think about bringing some snacks with you. Head to the groceries and pick out healthy, non-perishable snacks such as oatmeal, trail mix and protein balls or bars. So anytime you feel hungry on the road, you can easily grab something to eat without feeling guilty afterwards.

People often start eating unhealthy the moment they step in the airport and the usual excuse is that they don’t have any other option. When you have your snack with you there’s no excuse for eating unhealthy.

When you are already in your hotel be careful not to get stuck in a breakfast buffet. Go for healthier options like an egg-white omelette or better yet make your own breakfast with the oatmeal you packed earlier. Of course, you can always eat a hefty breakfast if you want but you have to limit your lunch and dinner to balance your intake.

Go for a Run: Explore and Enjoy the New Place

The best way to explore a new place is by running or walking. Even if you’ve been to the place you will often find something new when you run or just walk around. You can either bring a map with you or just get lost and enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.

Just make sure that you pack your running shoes or a comfortable pair of flip-flops if you plan on just walking. If you can’t fit your running shoes in your suitcase, invest in lightweight sneakers. You can still do light jogging and walking with it and still feel comfortable without the bulky feel of running shoes.

Do Work Out at the Hotel Gym or Just Stay in Your Room

Most hotels have gyms so you don’t really have an excuse.

Wake up early even during your first day. This can be challenging especially with jet-lag and you probably have to force yourself out of bed but it will be worth it. Better yet, get plenty of sleep even while you’re still on the plane then do light work-out upon arrival. Believe it or not, an hour of power-walking or any light exercise can help ease that.

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can just stay in your room and still exercise. You can do push-ups or lunges. Be creative and look for things or fixtures in the room that you can use. Better to do a little exercise than not doing any at all.

Be Mindful of What you Drink and Increase Water Intake

Travelling whether by plane or bus for several hours can be exhausting and often lead to dehydration. The stress coupled with the changes in the environment can affect your health so it is important that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluid. Bring with you a refillable container that you can carry wherever you go. Avoid sugary drinks or go for those with the less sugar content.

Avoid alcohol at all cost. It’s not wise to take it especially when your body is still adjusting to your new schedule and new environment. A few shots can also alter your decision making so better avoid it while you still can.

Experience New Cuisine but Don’t Go Overboard

One exciting thing about travelling to a new place is the experience of trying out new cuisine. Yes you want to be healthy and fit but don’t deprive yourself of these small pleasures. Try out small portions of new food and restrain yourself at all times. A helpful tip to avoid eating a lot is to munch on a granola bar or protein ball before each meal. The snacks will help you feel full so you will only have a little space for your meal.

Take the Hard Way and Take the Stairs All the Time

I know travelling takes a toll on your body especially during the first 24 hours. This is the time when your body is still adjusting but don’t let your body dictate your activities. Workout whenever you can. If your hotel has stairs then take it.

The next few days you won’t have as much time to exercise so grab any opportunity that comes. If you plan on going out for dinner, walk from your hotel to the restaurant to give those legs a little exercise.

Participate in Any Outdoor Activities and Sports

If your hotel has a pool or is near an ocean or lake then go for a swim rather than just sit and do sunbathing. If bikes are available, go for a ride. Inquire if there are bike tours and don’t miss this chance. It’s another exciting way to explore the city and exercise at the same time. You can always ask your hotel receptionist for these kinds of activities.

When you decide to stay healthy and fit you should always follow through with your plans even if you are busy and constantly travelling. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance and it can sometimes be overwhelming. When you feel like staying in bed or eating a lot, always go back to your goals and objectives. Motivate yourself over and over again until you get back your desire to keep fit.