The Mesomorph pre workout has been marketed as the only product to deliver full clinical doses of its key active ingredients that include L-Citrulline Malate, Agmatine Sulfat, AKG, DMAA, di-creatine malate, creatine nitrate, beta alanine and creatinol-o-phosphate. The pre-workout is simply a supplement used primarily by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their performances. It helps in reducing muscle recovery time, doesn´t bloat one´s stomach, and works well even if one doesn´t have good sleep in the night. This product works like a charm for vegan bodybuilders too! Unfortunately, we can never really know the exact doses of the aforementioned ingredients because they have been blended proprietarily.

How Does it Taste? Does it Mix well?mesomorph-by-aps-nutrition-pre-workout-7e3

The apt way to describe the flavor of Mesomorph is ¨Rocket Pop.¨ It tastes as close to the real thing. It is basically available for purchase in 3 different flavors, Tropical punch, Grape, and Watermelon. However, the supplement doesn´t mix well with water. There are always sediments lying around after chugging the water down. Therefore, one will be required to refill the bottle to get it all down.

How effective is it?

One can almost feel the beta alanine APS in the supplement kicking in almost immediately. One can also start experiencing a tingling sensation immediately; the sensation only goes away when one starts lifting weights. After the intake of the supplement, one can also feel the DMAA and caffeine working, providing one with an adrenaline rush to perform the routines diligently.

Does it have any side effects?

This product may not be suitable for those that are new to the realm of pre-workout since it can come off as too strong on the stimulant side. As we mentioned earlier, the mesomorph also provides a ¨tingling¨ beta alanine sensation. Hence, if users aren´t fond of it, they should stay away from the product.

How does it affect athletes? What are its benefits and advantages?

The Mesomorph boasts of a supercharged energy formula that has been formulated with DMAA. DMAA is an indirect sympathomimetic drug and a neurological stimulant that causes a quick spike of energy. It works similarly to caffeine. However, it is more effective.  The supplement also consists of Creatine Nitrate; the nitrogenous organic acid, Creatine, plays a pivotal role in saturating the muscles on one´s body. It does so with a high-energy compound known as creatine phosphate. This, in turn, helps give additional energy to the body. It also consists of Beta Alanine, the amino acid that increases cellular carnitine levels in the body, leading to greater strength, power and endurance. The Glucuronolactone present in the product, that can be found commonly in energy drinks, increases the effects of caffeine and taurine, in turn, increasing energy and mood. The product also boasts of giving one muscle gains! The Mesomorph makes one more focused, aggressive, gives great pump and doesn´t build up tolerance.

What are its disadvantages?pre-workout

Not all good things can last. The crash after the intake of Mesomorph is pretty rough post-workout. However, it is understandable since it also allows one to perform super human high-intensity workout fairly easily. The supplement also doesn´t mix well with water. There are always sediments lying around after chugging the water down. Regrettably, we can never really know the exact doses of the ingredients in the product because they have been blended proprietarily.

Things to Keep In Mind

Let us be honest here. Everything about the mesomorph pre-workout suggests that it is not ideal for beginners. It has been manufactured specifically for the more experienced gym goers and lifters. It usually takes the product around 20 minutes to start kicking in.